Hi, I'm Saswat.
A Web Developer.

A final year student from International Institute Of Information Technology(IIIT),Bhubaneswar majoring in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. I'm a Front-end developer having experience in frameworks like React,Nextjs. I'm an open-source enthusiast. I love to play basketball.

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Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript you'll learn how to build anpplication - from start to finish. The App is called Mapty and it is a simple workout logging app that allows users to log their workouts at a specific postion.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


Developed a game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The user has to input a random number between 1-20 which when compared to the number generated by the game decides whether the guess is higher or lower. If the number is equal to the number generated by the game, then the user win.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Social Distancing with BLE Armband>

A cheap and easy to use BLE Armband for Social Distancing and enabling Touch Free solutions for COVID-19.

  • Arduino


Using React.js and Typescript developed a quiz game that enables user to write answers and then fetches data from a specific API to compare the answers given and then displays whether the answer is correct or incorrect.

  • React.js
  • Typescript


The technologies that I've worked with are

  • HTML5

    Experience with HTML5.

  • Css3

    Experience with CSS3.

  • JavaScript

    Experience with JavaScript.

  • React

    Experience with React.

  • Nodejs

    Experience with Nodejs.

  • Mysql

    Experience with Mysql.

About Me

Personal Acomplishments


2 Front-end Projects


Completed a course on Ethical hacking


Won a gold in Intra-college basketball tournament :)

Web design with a human touch.